Finding a good camera bag that is reliable and fit for the purpose is never an easy quest. Most of the time leading us trough multiple regrettable choices, but can we really pick something that will last forever? The answer is yes.

You might think this point that you already have a good camera bag. Maybe you found this post because you are looking to buy a different type. I would recommend to read trough this review as my story with the Peak Design Everyday Sling camera bag an exceptionally positive real life experience.

I bought this bag for my Fujifilm camera set to carry the body and one or two lenses with it and also put away the small bits and pieces like memory cards, spare batteries, keys, etc but I got much more. Thanks to the useful origami dividers and pockets you have plenty of space in this tiny bag. It could easily fit a DJI Mavic Mini or Air size drone with the controller too.

When I first tried on I was amazed how light it felt. The strap was holding firmly and the weight felt balanced. Good weight balancing is important when you are are wearing a bag all day otherwise the evening can end early with a painful back. I can say it did the job all over the world. From the beaches of Capri trough the waterfalls of Morocco.

Peak Design Everyday Sling V1 Camera bag
Everyday Sling Camera Bag

Camera bag with lifetime guarantee

It has been 4 years now since accompanied me, but nothing last forever right? Not exactly but the real life situation proved that Peak Design really offering Life Time Warranty. On my last trip to Greece the zip of the bag gave up unfortunately, but things like this happened me before so I was not surprised. I filled up their form when I arrived back. Next morning I received the answer that they will replace it for Free! Also I can keep the old bag. I was not expecting this level of Service.