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Guide to Photographing Landmarks

Guide to Photographing Landmarks

Landmarks are more than just physical structures; they hold a special place in our hearts, representing history, culture, and emotions. As a photographer, capturing the true essence of these landmarks can be an incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. In this...

Camera bag forever

Camera bag forever

Finding a good camera bag that is reliable and fit for the purpose is never an easy quest. Most of the time leading us trough multiple regrettable choices, but can we really pick something that will last forever? The answer is yes. You might think this point that you...

Capri Island – The historical beauty of Italy

Capri Island – The historical beauty of Italy

There's still time to grab some last-minute tickets, check out Airbnb or another booking website for deals, bring your camera, and enjoy the European summer while it lasts. Capri, a small island in the bay of Naples, is the perfect destination for this. Its...

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