Capri Island – The historical beauty of Italy

It’s still time to grab some last minute ticket, hit up the Airbnb or other booking website for some deal, take your camera and enjoy the European summer while it last. Capri, the small island in the bay of Naples is perfect destination for this. The picturesque landscape and long history back to the Roman empire making it unique in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Since Augustus the island was used for holiday location for the emperor and later Tiberius one of the greatest Roman general and emperor was ruling from the Villa Jovis for a while.

View from the Monte Solaro, the highest point of Capri.
Boats are sailing around the Faraglioni in the Island of Capri.

To get there the easiest if you are heading from Naples using the High Speed Ferry from Molo Beverello. There is another port roughly 500 m to the opposite direction where you can take a slower ferry or go to Ischia as well. If you are arriving from the Amalfi coast you can board from Positano or Sorrento. Once you disembark at Capri just walk out from the Molo and you will find your transport options. Taxis are on the left hand side and the local bus on the right.

Capri or Anacapri

View from Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy.
View from Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy.

The island of Capri has two part. Capri and Anacapri. My tip if you want to avoid the crowd is the second. You can find amazing B&B-s around, and if you are staying here you have the best access for the island with an outstanding hospitality from Mario and his family. Buses are running every 10-15 minutes back to Capri Marina Grande, Grotta Azzuro or Faro. The bus journey usually a bit crowded, but if you are adventurous enough to manoeuvre yourself to the windows you can have an amazing view on the way up and down on the serpentine road.

Villa San Michele

If you just have time to visit only one sight on the island strongly recommended to choose the Villa San Michele. You can reach the Villa easily from Anacapri, or if you want to do some workout you can choose the stairs from Capri town. Explore the villa and the garden itself and if you would like to read more about it, Axel Munthe: The Story of San Michele your best choice for it.

“My home shall be open for the sun and the wind and the voices of the sea – like a Greek temple – and light, light, light everywhere!”

Axel Munthe described Villa San Michele, his beloved home on the island of Capri.

Monte Solaro

Chairlift ride to the Monte Solaro
Chairlift ride to the Monte Solaro

Literally another top spot of the island is the Monte Solaro. It’s a beautiful summit overlooking the bay and if you are waking up early enough you will still see the mist rising from the sea and forming clouds above the mountain. From the Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri, you can take the chairlift to the top. The 12 minutes ride has some spectacular moments and will take you 589 meter above the sea level.

Boat trip around the Island

Enjoying the private boat experience on Capri Island
Private boat experience on Capri Island

I believe this something special for Capri Island, or at least I haven’t really find this kinda activities yet. If you know something like this somewhere just lest me know 🙂 So in the Marina Grande apparently you hire a boat for your self. A small one with an 25 hp engine but its perfectly fit for 2 people, and you can self drive it! You just need a driving licence. It’s an amazing experience and I recommend it to hire for a day, so you will have plenty of time to go around the island, stop for lunch or snorkelling. If you just want to hang out one of the bay, drop your anchor and enjoy the European summer.

Finding the way to the Marina Piccola beach, Capri Island, Italy.
Finding the way to the Marina Piccola beach, Capri Island, Italy.

With Gigi we also find the best beaches on Capri Island, Sorrento and Ischia, and will give you some detailed tip in the next post.

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