Want to see the world while you are keeping your eye on your expenses? Now it’s easier than you thought. You can have multiple bankcards or application that will keep you organized and help less spend while you are enjoying this summer.

Pre-save into pockets

If you have ever thought about having another bank account for free you are just only 2 click away from it. Quick and convenient as download an app the Monzo signup process just only takes up few minutes and your second account is ready to use. It not just free, its smart. You can set up multiple pots where you can save money easily, my favorite function that you can separate the pennies separately. Using this function will round up all of your transactions and separate the difference to the previously selected saving pot. Like this you are not realizing you are spending a bit more, but you will be surprised on the amount that you can collect under a short time from these micro transactions.

Collect Points

Might be one of the oldest and well-know option to save on traveling to earn airline miles. If you are a frequent flyer I’m sure you already registered your self of your favorite company bonus program, and received offers credit cards. If not, its time to get registered. Usually to initial offer coming with enough amount of point for a return ticket, just be careful to read all the condition. It’s a great way to cut on your ticket price, but need to be careful as credit card always come with responsibilities. Using smartly an airline card can make you free flights, but you can always collect point without it.

Get insured and enjoy the airport lounges

Curve metal cards

Having insured is important wherever you are heading next, so make sure you have it in advance. You can get this for the specific trip or for all year, but if its coming with a special smart card its just better. My most useful travel companion is a Curve metal card with a year world wide insurance. The Curve is not a bank like the above mentioned Monzo, its an app behind an well designed card Mastercard for those who only want to take only one with themselves. You can add all of your credit or debit card to the app and with the a tap you just assign to the one in your pocket. Why its good for you? First of all its safe. You know the deal, never put all of your money to the same place if you are traveling. Same for the bank cards, and if you feel its lost, you can freeze it with one button from the app. Your transactions are getting organized by cards, and if you want you can go back in time and assign to an another one. Depend on your card you can get instant cash back up to 6 retailers and if you arrived too early to the airport just show your metal card to get access for the lounge.

Spend smart while you travel

Changing to foreign currency is always coming with cost, and if you are using a conventional debit or credit card will cost you more than the above mentioned options. I used these cards from Africa to Asia and Europe for cash withdrawal and card payments and its definitely saved me on the exchange rate. Of course if you want to be 100% safe recommended to take your normal bank cards with you just don’t forget to store them in different place. My advice if you can pay with your card, but if you have to withdraw cash you should be able to do on same or cheaper price compare to a local currency exchange office.