When I got back to Marrakech I felt extremely tired, but overwhelmed with the mountain experience. I picked up the brochure that my host gave me on my arrival and my eyes stopped on Ourika Valley. With a quick phone call everything was booked for the next day. The pick up time was early again so after a quick shower jumped into the bed.

This time, they came to the address but just to pick me up and transport me to their central place where they sorted the people into different transports. After an hour waiting in this place we were on the way. Finally I thought but short after we stopped by the coffee and souvenir shops. It was a bit of wasting time but at least the weather got warmer in the meantime. So on the second stop for the Agave oil I just stayed behind to enjoy the sun.

Trail to the waterfalls

It was almost midday when we got to Ourika Valley. Happily jumped out from the minibus this time to cross the river on the footbridge for the trail to the waterfalls. After passing the empty restaurants by the river the first challenge was to get through the bazaar without buying anything. I absolved this easy after Marrakech they were not able to show anything that I haven’t seen before. When we get through this part its started to get crowded with people. For a short time I lost my group while I stopped for a photo, but I was sure I will find them on the way.

As I thought I found them by the waterfall stuck together with other groups. From this point, there was two way to go. Back on the same way or further up. We went further where the hike started to be more technical and like this attracted less people.

The view definitely worth the extra effort and this trails also leading back to the start. I previously complained about the lot of people but when I saw still empty places I was sure this is not the peak time of the year. Menu was traditional Tajine or Couscous with a soup and fruits and of course with bread.