Hey dear travelers! With countries opening for tourism and the upcoming summer season here are some tips you could use to survive long-haul flights to your destination. I know having a 10+ hours flight can sound like a nightmare but hopefully, these tips will help you have more enjoyable and relaxing flights in the future. So prepare your suitcase and get ready for your next adventure!

Keep yourself hydrated!

Bring a water bottle with you (500 ml and above) and ask your flight attendant to refill it. Drinking enough water will help you fight jet lag and bloating due to the cabin pressure. 

Be comfortable and ready for a good sleep!

Wear comfortable clothes when traveling sneakers, Leggins oversize shirts, or hoodies. Take your slippers with you and an extra pair of warm socks. Sometimes the temperature of the cabin can be chilly.

Always bring your eyeshade and earplugs, minimize the sound of the aircraft’s engines and avoid being woken up by the light of someone’s phone. If you are someone who tends to feel cold bring a small hot water bottle with you. It will keep you warm. Add a small pillow and you are set for a good sleep! 


Facial spray, sanitary wipes, toothbrush and paste, even an extra pair of underwear are small things that can help you feel fresh during and after your flight.

Entertainment for 10+ hours flight.

Carry a book with you. You might already have seen everything that the onboard entertainment has to offer. If your idea is to bring your device try to download music or movies and don’t forget your charger.

Remember to move!

Being seated for several hours is no good for your body. Walk around, do some squats or stretching at the back of the cabin. Talk to the crew. They love to listen to your stories, your plans for your vacation and what places do you recommend!

Remember your food!

Always remember to book your special meal if you follow any strict food diet or have allergies. Most airlines will let you book the special meal when booking your flight or when doing the check-in 24 hs prior. Also, don’t forget your snacks it’s as important as the food!