It’s getting typical on my trips that the best experiences are happening on the last days and it’s all started with the last and the highest waterfalls in Morocco. I hope somebody is still reading this or at least scrolling through the photos, but its definitely getting long so I’m cutting it down to 3 things.


Ozoud besides the waterfall its famous from the olives. On the way to the waterfall you are marching through a forest of oil trees and you can see the fallen fruits under it like a river. These trees are the source of the income for many local people. I also came across this strange building. First I thought this is where they are making that delicious flat bread but They said, it’s a traditional hot shower. It can be definitely hot inside, but how is works exactly its staying for secret now.

The waterfalls

Over the trees I had the first look on the Ozoud Waterfalls. I haven’t expected this seeing after the other two earlier mentioned in the post. The waterfalls are falling from 110 m into a small pond, big enough to get under them with a small boats. These are built buy the locals and you can take a round with them for a small fee. You can also can cross on foot to the other side, but I recommend you to take the boat and support the local community who is looking after this amazing place.


Be careful with them, and do not feed them. Unfortunately I came across a lot of bad experience. Some locals are trying to make money from these wild animals. Seen monkeys on strap on the market in Marrakech. Tourist are happily took photos with them paying fees for the probably unrightfully owner. We have to stop supporting these activities, and the same true for feeding the animals around the tourist sights. They are easily getting used to it and will relay on the easy food source. Some of them probably already get addicted to the junk food and will not afraid to steal out from your hand.