Game of Thrones Filming location

You might remember the Khaleesi from Game of Thrones first had to cross the Narrow See by Essos? You can find on the world map as Essaouira, Morocco. It’s a small port city and resort by the Atlantic coast therefore a perfect day out from the busy Marrakech. You can find an excursion for this, or check the local bus timetable as I did. For me, it was a really interesting experience. Here in London the buses are not stopping if you are not in the correct place. In contrast with Morocco you don’t need to be anywhere close to the bus stop. Simply the bus will horn or stop if the driver see somebody just close to the road. Strange isn’t it?

Essos – Game of Thrones

If you are visiting the country in summer, you will find Essaouira perfect spot for enjoy this by the beach. Take a walk to the port where you can see the local fishers daily life. Enjoy a coffee in the many of the spots on the way back to the souk.

Yunkai – Game of Thrones

Probably the most famous filming location in Morocco, is Ait Ben Haddou. This was a really important Caravan route in the past, nowadays its visited by tourist groups and filming crews. This place has been the home of some scene of the Gladiator and The Mummy. Also played important role in the Game Of Thrones as being Yunkai, one of the Free City.

Game of Thrones Filming location

If you want to visit this place from Marrakech I recommend you to find an excursion, its quite a long drive from the city through the long serpentine roads of the Atlas Mountains. If you are arriving alone by car, you will have to find a local guide. The ancient city only can be visited by small groups and you have limited time on the site.

Because it’s a long journey from Marrakech better to plan for more days. Certainly worth to combine with a night between the epic sand dunes of Merzouga desert and on the way back you can stop by Ait Ben Haddou.