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Where can we travel now? Up to date travel restrictions

Before 2020 we can say traveling the world has been easy, then the pandemic hit, and everything went standstill in a couple of weeks. Now more than one year after the first lockdowns we can slowly see routes and destinations are reemerging with new rules and restrictions on travel.

Following the continuously changing regulations are not easy, but not impossible when you have some useful tool around like the below website by Sherpa. Previously it was enough to check the visa requirements for the specific destination, but nowadays we need more than that.

If you would like to see the restrictions on your destination just select from the drop-down menu alongside your current location.

Sherpa map showing travel restrictions around the world
Map showing travel restrictions around the world

It will tell you all the info about the current restrictions and also contains useful links for the local requirements like applications to download and forms to fill out.

The map is not covering everything but still a good starting point for the major holiday areas. You will see five-category with different travel restrictions for entry. Where the travel is open the country not require Covid-19 testing or quarantine while most of the countries where you are permitted to enter will ask for a negative PCR test usually 72 hours before you travel.

Some countries are just open for their returning citizens or residents at the moment but we will see our favorite summer destinations coming back soon. News is already talking about the next regulations like vaccine passports that will allow some additional freedom for travellers but regulations are a bit grey, but once I have further info I will put together a list from countries who will favour vaccinated travellers.

Here in the United Kingdom we are still a month away till international travel can resume, but luckily we have some beautiful destinations nearby like one of my favorite the Peak District National Park.

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